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El Empleo

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.18.41 AMI am always amused by the truthful sarcasms that America’s Finest News Source “The Onion” reports. A few months ago the title of an article read: “sorry, I’m just really bad with names and faces of people who are not attractive and can’t help advance my career” i was immediately transported back to my mba days.

Our society is infatuated with extremes. What we perceive as success, is nothing more than a tail of a normal curve. The normal curve of survival. Most people experience regular lives never expanding pass the “1 standard deviation out the mean” zone. Never having the opportunity to follow a passion. Never making it to “the list of names to be remembered”. A poignant piece of animation that captures this notion is “El Empleo” from Argentinean director Santiago Grasso.

What I love about Grasso’s work is that it captures most people’s daily lives in less than 8 minutes. Grasso won 102 international awards with this short film, because at some level, we humans know that our economical system views people as objects. In many areas of the world, objects shaped as humans are unhopeful and apathetic living every day to make a buck. While I write these lines on my Imac, millions of objects assemble apple products creating a nameless world production line.

Grosse’s work is an exquisite burlesque representation of our current economical logic.

In Grasso’s work, I see the surreal nature of modern life, much so like the melting pocket watches of Dali.

El Empleo / The Employment from opusBou on Vimeo.


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