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Online Education

I have always been interested in education. This might be one of the reasons why I have spent 13 years in university settings. I was lucky enough to receive my … Continue reading

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El Empleo

I am always amused by the truthful sarcasms that America’s Finest News Source “The Onion” reports. A few months ago the title of an article read: “sorry, I’m just really … Continue reading

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Acoustic Output

Very recently, I’ve gotten interested in experimental technology projects. I found  a project titled “Years” created by a young German named Bartholomäus Traubeck. In one of his most recent projects, … Continue reading

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A Shift in the Charity Industry

In my mind, it is pretty evident that the days of charity as a core component of international development strategy are counted. Charity is not a poverty reduction strategy. I … Continue reading

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