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Social monitoring & Analytics Tools

I find it extremely interesting that although there is currently no “real” way to track ROI of social media, the amount of brand monitoring services available is growing exponentially. Beginning with the almost free tools we’ve got: Crowdbooster, Twitalyzer, Google Trends, Postling, TwitterCounter, Topsy, Buffer App, Social Mention, Google Correlatejust to mention a few. Talk about paid tools such as: Argyle, SproutSocial, Radian 6, SimplyMeasured, Cymfony & Netbase.

What is particularly interesting is that, given the real-time nature of social comments, tracing the information flow can be quite tricky. I personally find myself getting lost in the cascading of hyperlinks after reading a simple tweet. Are most analytic tools able to capture how a particular brand message is spreading through out the social network? If this is not the case, how do we measure original content vs. content that has already been influenced by a previous post? I have fallen for the typical “like” of a brand I don’t really care for, just because someone I consider an influencer just liked the brand. I might make an ocasional comment about the brand even though I don’t plan to purchase in the future. If so, how is my data point valid to the brand?

How much attention a particular brand post will get can follow a Linear Influence Model, which basically predicts future involvement based on who “got infected” in the past (pretty significant statistical analysis required). Does a $1/month subscription analyses data to such extent ? What makes social media data, good reliable data? We all thought George Soros’s success depended on his Theory of Reflexivity. As it turns out, his trading success included ignoring his theory in most situations !

Keeping the social media analytics an inexpensive endeavor might be a good beginner’s strategy.


3 comments on “Social monitoring & Analytics Tools

  1. Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager

    Thanks for including us in your post and you bring up some great points. Social media measurement needs vary for each and every business. Some need more extensive tools than others to meet their goals. We do have a helpful ebook about social media analytics that could help you out. We’re always here for questions! 🙂 Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager

  2. Adriana Galue

    Thank you for reading my post Amanda. I will certainly take a look at your e-book as I know your company is very innovative. I am definitely aware of the tremendous advantages of your product especially with respect to integration with other platforms and scalability. I understand the complexity of the ROI question. Given that Radian 6 is focused more on monitoring, the ROI question becomes even trickier. As for pricing… Well, it is up to the purchaser to research what he/she is buying.

  3. Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager

    We love talking about ROI as well as listening, monitoring, engaging and analyzing. Thanks again for the great post and good to chat! – Amanda

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