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A World of Free Education

I am really excited about the unlimited number of opportunities that technology is catalyzing.

Ten years ago, one could only dream of free opportunities to enhance one’s knowledge. Today, ignorance is a choice.  Free courses at MIT, Standford, Columbia, Princeton and companies like Udemy, Lynda & Codeacademy allow anyone to improve their skill set.

In addition to theses educational resources there are now over 100 startup accelerators world wide without mentioning home grown initiatives such as the Chilean example.

A college of mine, Mark Shalinsky, introduced me to the power of video in experimental design. I can only remember the multiple 3:00 am nights in my neurophysiology days when I could only wish of a subscription to the Journal of Visualized Experiments. What an impressive collection of visual experimental data!

I am starting to wonder if getting a diploma is worth the debt that current US students undertake. I believe we are beginning to experience a new way of looking at education worldwide.

An interesting statistical view of education in 2013 follows. This infographic was taken with permission from

Most Education Countries Infographic


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