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The World of Reality Shows

I haven’t own a T.V set since moving to the U.S. twelve years ago. As such, I am fully unplugged from the world of Reality T.V shows. Most of my brainpower is allocated to world issues, career transitioning, caring for my family, catching up on the latest technology update and so forth.

Over pizza last night, I learned about a couple of shows. “Toddlers & Tiaras” was one of them. Let me just say that out of an audience of nine people, six of them enthusiastically proceeded to comment about “Toddlers & Tiaras”. As I heard the stories of mothers spraying tanning solutions on two year olds, bleaching their teeth with toxic agents and adding fake breasts so as to win the competition, I thought to myself, I really was born in the wrong planet !!! This morning I woke up still thinking about “Toddlers & Tiaras” so I proceeded to do some research about it.

If you are new to the world of reality shows, let me point to the fact that a search on reality shows in Wikipedia results in 1,159 pages. I was astonished to find shows ranging from “Baseball Wives” and “The Biggest Loser” all the way to “All American Muslim”.

What astounded me was not the variety present in the reality show world. God knows that nowadays if I want to find my favorite Corn Flakes cereal, I have to navigate over who knows how many boxes of nutrition-less products. I was bewildered when I found out that most of these reality shows are advertised in “The Learning Channel”, a “Discovery Channel” enterprise. “The Learning Channel”… really? What is there to learn by watching reality shows such as “Toddlers & Tiaras” ? What am I missing ? Am I missing the desperation of a working class American culture ? Why else would you have a child win the title of “Ultimate Grand Supreme” while walking away with a $1,000 cash tag price?

I won’t even attempt to review the reality show “Baseball Wives”.  I think it is easier to resolve a differential equation describing the possibility of a universal currency !  I am intrigued however by a show described to me as “Who’s your Daddy”, a reality show in which participants guess who is the daddy of someone. As it turns out, the daddy of your wife’s child could be your best friend, your brother or even your elderly son…Not that you need to be doubting your sperm motility or your dynein arms. Fascinating ah? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an episode on You Tube.

Why do people get lost in reality shows? That is the real question. Do we really need to numb our brains to such extent? Is real life really that boring?


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