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Meet the Women Championing Research and Development in Spain

Contributing to scientific endeavor can take many different forms – be it unlocking a mystery through sheer intellectual aptitude and determination, perhaps providing the financial means with which to build … Continue reading

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Startup Accelerator Metrics: Where to Find Prototypes Worth Time & Money?

Article originally published in The Next Woman . It is a well-known fact that startup competitions are growing at a high rate globally. From incubators and accelerators to corporations fostering their … Continue reading

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Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Article originally published in The Next Woman. Growing up in Latin America (LATAM), I was raised within the framework that negotiating always involved adversarialism. Still today, when we talk about … Continue reading

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Scaling Companies in Boulder Colorado

Article originally published in Built in Denver. 1. Some US ecosystems are excellent places to brew startups. In the case of Boulder, CO, home of TechStars, the ecosystem is good to … Continue reading

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Colombian HighTech Women

Post originally published in Women2.0. It is always a pleasure to profile success stories from the country where I was born: Colombia. Did you know that Google Latin America (LATAM), … Continue reading

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Accelerated Growth and Billion Dollar Valuations, Who Wins?

Article originally published on December 2012  in The Next Woman. Living in Boulder, CO has provided me with a number of gifts: the ability to enjoy nature, ride my bike, ski … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails Resource List

A friend of mine just sent me an awesome resource list dedicated to Ruby on Rails enthusiasts. I decided to share them right here ! I loved meeting so many … Continue reading

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Communication Tips for Software Developers

Article originally published on November 2012 in The Next Woman. This month, I have been actively interacting with software developers. After attending a conference about Ruby on Rails, the importance … Continue reading

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Startup Hiring

Article originally published on August 2012 in The Next Woman. There is a new business model available today. It involves recruiting talent at low or no cost. I know several talented … Continue reading

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Pitch to Investors

Article originally published on July 2012 in Women 2.0 , The Next Woman, & Ellas2.0 I often get asked the question: What are the elements of the “perfect pitch”? My … Continue reading

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Customer Experience Design

In this blog, I have decided to focus on the concept of Customer Experience Design. In today’s lingo, “customer experience” refers to the sum of all experiences that your target … Continue reading

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Startups: Tool for Economic Development?

Article originally published on June 2012 in Women 2.0 & The Next Woman. In a sluggish economic environment, how do we generate quick economic development in societies where both skilled … Continue reading

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Social Media Tips to Engage your Audience

Article originally published in Women 2.0 & The Next Woman. For those of us who spend most of our modern lives in front of a computer following trends, it has … Continue reading

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Angel Investor List

I was raised catholic. Although no longer a participant in this tradition, I still remember the notion that angels are divine creatures that although invisible, walk silently on our side … Continue reading

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TechStars: How to Get In?

Article originally published on April 2012 in Forbes & Endeavor. “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore.” – Admiral Rickover I have the … Continue reading

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Online Education

I have always been interested in education. This might be one of the reasons why I have spent 13 years in university settings. I was lucky enough to receive my … Continue reading

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El Empleo

I am always amused by the truthful sarcasms that America’s Finest News Source “The Onion” reports. A few months ago the title of an article read: “sorry, I’m just really … Continue reading

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Acoustic Output

Very recently, I’ve gotten interested in experimental technology projects. I found  a project titled “Years” created by a young German named Bartholomäus Traubeck. In one of his most recent projects, … Continue reading

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A Shift in the Charity Industry

In my mind, it is pretty evident that the days of charity as a core component of international development strategy are counted. Charity is not a poverty reduction strategy. I … Continue reading

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The Gift of Stillness

For the last year or so I have been trying to cultivate the art of stillness. Until very recently, I had gone through life fully unaware of the concept of … Continue reading

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